Top roofing company: Types of Greenville SC roofs

A top roofing company has a huge variety of roof materials and they know exactly which one will be best for your Greenville SC house. Each material has its own benefits.

Rubber slates

One of the materials used for roofing is rubber slates. It is manufactured from recycled tires and other rubber-like materials to enhance solidity and tone. Some benefits of rubber slates are that it is durable and super affordable than regular slates. A great advantage of rubber slates is that it is strong and is less likely to break apart during terrible weather. These roofs are really reliable and can last you about 30-50 years. Even though it is rubber it contains a chemical that makes it fireproof. It can even extinguish a flame when a fire unexpectedly occurs.

Metal roofing

Metal roofing is also a material used for roofing.  They are made from metal pieces and are distinguished by their high resistance. Steel and copper are some examples of what is used. Some benefits of metal roofing are that it comes in a variety of styles and colors to meet a homeowners needs and is water and fire resistant ,  It is also light in weight which helps to ensure the structural integrity and it also helps to keep the house cooler. Metal roofs can withstand oxidation and rust for most of their lifetime. And lastly since metal is a non-combustible material it is a great conductor of electricity.

Solar tiles

Solar tiles can also be used as a roofing material. It can help save your electricity bill and bring it down to near zero. With the increasing cost of the other sources of energy, it is better to use an ecofriendly source. They are visually more appealing than regular solar panels as they are installed onto the roof and not later than the regular ones. The installations of these tiles are super easy because it is easily adaptable and lightweight.  A great advantage to solar tile panels is that they will guarantee power even when there is no sunlight, unlike the regular ones.  And lastly, it can be also used to heat up the entire house during the winter season.

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