Charlotte’s best roofing contractor explains the reroofing process

Charlotte’s best roofing contractor helps homeowners know what to expect during reroofing

Charlotte’s best roofing contractor can help you adequately prepare for your roofing project. A roof repair is one of the costliest upgrades in any home. Still, the time comes when every homeowner has to go down this daunting road. So, can you live in your home as the replacement or installation occurs? Simply put, yes.

Must you vacate your property during a reroofing project?

It’s not a necessity to vacate your property during reroofing. However, some people prefer to do so due to the inconvenience. You must do a few things to make it work and minimize the disruption to your daily activities. Reroofing is a noisy affair, and families with small children or pets may have to arrange for them to stay elsewhere. This depends on their tolerance for noise and how the work may disrupt their activities.

What are the potential risks involved with reroofing?

Having workers on your roof comes with potential risks. First is the falling debris, making it crucial to keep you and your family away from the work site. It protects them from being hit by flying nails and other materials. Taking time to explain the hazards to your family and why they must stay away from the roof edge can help. The windows and doors should be closed to reduce the dust and debris entering the house. It’s also a good idea to move any items in the yard that may be affected by falling debris to a safe place.

How long can reroofing last?

It heavily depends on the size of the roof and the simplicity or complexity of the job. But you can expect it to last between a few days to a week or more. Make sure you plan ahead to have everything you need before the workers arrive.

Which roofing materials are hazardous?

Most roofing materials are not dangerous. But if your home was built before 1980, asbestos exposure is a possibility. Prior to 1980, asbestos was utilized in insulation and other construction materials. It can be released into the air during reroofing. In case you are worried about the exposure, you should speak with your roofing contractor before the work starts.

Must you coordinate with the roofing contractor?

To foster a smooth roofing project, team effort from both parties can go a long way. The worst thing that could happen without a united front is having a rough and uncomfortable experience. A professional roofing company will coordinate with you and let you know of every milestone and baby step made. This makes it easier to communicate any significant inconvenience you may face.

Work with Charlotte’s best roofing contractor

The roof is any home’s first line of defense from external elements, and keeping it in tip-top condition is crucial. It’s important to choose roofing professionals who will take the most care possible at each step and communicate any issues along the way. Work with Charlotte’s best roofing contractor for trouble-free work.

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