Roofing contractor in Charlotte explains why there is moss on your roof

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The best roofing contractor in Charlotte clears roof moss and prevents it from returning. After installing your asphalt roof, you were impressed with how it looked. After some time, the original color starts darkening, but this is not how it should be. You might have moss on your roof, which you should deal with.

This article focuses on reasons why you may have moss on your roof and how to deal with it.

The home is in a shaded area

If your home does not receive adequate sunshine, likely, the roof will not dry completely. Moisture retained on the roof will create the perfect conditions for moss growth.

The shade might come from nearby trees or other buildings. You end up with a darker roof that needs to be cleared as soon as possible.

You live in places with a wet climate

Moss is common in places with a wet and tropical climate. Wet, humid, and rainy conditions are perfect conditions for the growth of moss and algae, so you will likely see them on your roof. Although this might be normal, you should not leave it unattended.

No preventative measures were taken

When you suspect the potential of moss growth, you need to implement preventative measures. You can start by trimming nearby trees and cleaning the gutters regularly. Also, get any debris off the roof to make sure that every shingle is exposed to the sun, reducing chances for moss growth. There are also algae-resistant shingles you can install for top results.

A porous or damaged roof

Moss is often found on concrete or clay roofs since these roof types are porous. The porous material holds on to the water for some time and does not dry completely. These conditions are perfect for moss and algae growth which improves the growth ability of roofing materials.

The same happens with damaged roofs since the water seeping into the inside of the roof might remain for some time. The moisture concentration creates humid conditions perfect for moss growth. 

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Working with the best expert when dealing with moss on your roof can help you get great results. Hire the top-rated roofing contractor in Charlotte to enjoy amazing service that can make the most difference.

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