Roofing contractor in Charlotte NC explains why moss is bad for your roof

A roofing contractor protects your roof by dealing with moss growth

Roofing contractor in Charlotte NC understands the need for homeowners to maintain their roof in the best condition to maintain property value and curb appeal. You could be concerned about moss growing on your roof during rainy seasons or if the conditions are right. Moss appears to be safe, right? It appears in picture books and fairy tales, so what harm can there possibly be? Maybe you’ve seen a house with a steep roof that looks attractive because it’s covered in moss. But moss has a sinister side as well. This is your crucial guide to maintaining your roof!

How moss is bad for your roof

In a nutshell, moss causes damage to your roof. In environments that are damp, dark, and chilly, moss thrives. This means that your local environment will determine whether or not moss can grow on your roof. Even while moss is bad and may require repair, a whole new roof is not always necessary. Moss is not always a sign of damage, especially if you take precautions and detect it at an early stage.

Moss is moist by nature. Your roof may rot and decompose due to ongoing wetness. As it expands, moss gradually works its way under shakes, tiles, and shingles. Your roofing material is pushed up and damaged as it makes its way under it. This may result in cracks and ultimately leakage. Bugs and rodents might become more drawn to your roof if the annoyance of moss growing and deforming your roof isn’t enough.

Unexpectedly, all of these factors may cause your roof to gain excess weight. Moss is highly water-retentive and porous. Your roof may sustain damage if hundreds of pounds more weight are placed on it than it was designed to bear.

Moss removal

Either you or a qualified roofing contractor should remove the moss from your roof. You might be able to remove the moss manually if it is just present in a few tiny spots of your roof. It’s crucial to take the appropriate safety precautions before removing the moss. You will need to remove the moss using a more thorough method if your issue is more serious.

Find the best roofing contractor in Charlotte NC

Moss on your roof can be damaging, so get rid of it to keep your roof in the best condition. Work with the best roofing contractor in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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