Top roofing contractor in Greenville SC explains how a roof can be damaged

Roofing contractor in Greenville and your roof

Your roofing contractor in the Greenville / Spartanburg SC area can be there to help you maintain your roof when needed. This is important because your roof is the first line of defense for your home, but most of the time, homeowners often overlook its importance. That is until a problem arises. Being aware of the ways that a problem can happen is an excellent idea for your roof so you can make yourself aware of any potential damage, even when you aren’t able to climb up and check things out for yourself.

Different ways that your roof can be damaged

Here are the various things that can damage your roof:

Wind: One of the top reasons for roof damage is wind. Your shingles can be raised up by strong winds, leaving areas of your roof exposed. After a windy day, be sure to inspect your yard for roof shingles. You should call your local roofer contractor if you find any shingles on the ground.

Trees: There are a few different ways that tree damage can occur. Tree limbs can be weighed down or broken from strong winds. Other times a branch can break due to a tree that has become sick with a disease. You can trim back your trees with large branches that are hanging over the top or close to your house to help prevent any damage. Moss or algae can also be transferred from a tree to the roof; this can cause moisture problems when not addressed promptly.

Poor installation: Using a certified professional roofing contractor is crucial to do all of the repairs to your roof instead of doing the repairs yourself. Trying to fix loose shingles or a leak by yourself can create more damage to your roof that could have been avoided in the first place. Many times, a homeowner can feel as if they can climb up on their roof and hammer down some missing shingles or patch a small leak. Still, without a full inspection, they could miss an underlying issue that can create a more significant problem over time.

Pests: The pests that you should be concerned about when it comes to roof damage are squirrels, birds, and rats. These animals won’t have any trouble making their way through your gutters or up your siding, and they can ultimately decide to make a nest on your roof. They can also burrow their way through the shingles on your roof and eventually into your house.

How a roofing contractor in Greenville/Spartanburg helps with roof repairs

A roofing contractor can help to inspect your roof. You will need to have an inspection once a year even if the above situations have not happened to you yet. It’s always a better idea to pay a small fee to have any minor repairs that are found fixed early than to have to replace your whole roof and possibly even the contents inside your home.

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