Top roofing contractor in Greenville SC: pros and cons of roof coatings

Top roofing contractor in Greenville SC covers roof coatings

A roofing contractor can use roof coatings as a protective shield for your roof against the outdoor elements. These coatings can help to prevent water from ponding, keep out UV radiations, and limit the cooling and heating cycles on your roof. In other words, they are another layer of protection that adheres to the membrane of your roof that can stretch and return to its original size without damaging it.

If you are considering applying roof coating to your new or existing roof, here are the pros and cons.

Pros and cons of various types of roof coating

Not all roof coatings are created equal. Here are some of the significant types.

Silicone roof coating

Silicone coatings have a long history of working well and being cost-effective for a long time. Silicone coatings are moisture-cured, which means that the humidity in the air can promote the process. Many silicone coatings also eliminate the need to have a primer coat put on your roof before applying it.

The pros of a silicone coating are these coatings are excellent at standing up to the weather, and they don’t get brittle or hard when exposed to nature. They can also be excellent at resisting erosion. If you find that your roof has issues with water ponding, a silicone coating can help.

The cons of a silicone coating are that it can tear very easily, and this will mean that it should be applied along with fabric to give it more strength. Silicone coating can also be prone to holding dirt. Over time, this can mean you might lose some of the reflection of the coating, and the coating might need to be removed completely before replacing.

Acrylic roof coating

This is a water-based coating, which makes acrylic coating very cost-effective. They can hold up well in almost every climate, making them very versatile and an excellent choice for areas that can throw all four seasons on a roof.

They are sensitive to temperature; this means that they should be applied to a roof at temperatures of 50 degrees or higher. Over time they can lose thickness and will need to be maintained with additional coatings. Acrylic coatings also don’t deal well with water ponding, so you may want to consider an alternative if ponding is an issue on your roof.

Top roofing contractor in Greenville SC

A roofing contractor can use a silicone roof coating, which is an excellent alternative to replacing your entire roof system. You can restore your roof to a working condition in a smaller amount of time, with fewer costs, and while keeping your building under warranty.

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