Want a House Like the Rich?

Want a House Like the Rich? You Can Use the Same Roofing Elements

Want roofing elements like the rich? If you are like the ultra-wealthy who can afford to have their mansion built, what are some key elements you would want to include? Here is a sneak peek at some mansions and their key features.

Oprah Winfrey’s Promise Land

When you arrive at Oprah Winfrey’s Monticello, California, mansion, one thing that you will instantly notice is the artwork. You may feel like you have arrived at an art museum before you even enter the house. You will find sculptures from many different periods in her backyard, including one by Francisco Zuniga. The colors found in the garden where the sculptures are found help to draw attention to these works of art as you wander towards the koi pond. Making sure not to distract from the beautiful design, this mansion has a gray roof that serves as a backdrop to the rest of the surroundings.

George Clooney’s Lake Como Mansion

Nestled right on Lake Como’s shores, this mansion blends naturally with the island’s beauty. The outside of the home is covered with vines, which helps it blend in even more. This red clay tile roof gives the house a splash of color while helping to protect it from the elements. In case this home would ever go up in smoke, the red clay tile roof also gives everyone a few more minutes to escape.

George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch Mansion

While George Lucas owns several mansions, his Skywalker Ranch mansion is the best known. This home that sits on a 2,500-acre ranch has many Arts and Crafts movement elements. Lucas says that he is a romantic at heart who believes that he should have lived about 1910. If you could stroll through the home, you would see many pieces of antique furniture. As with other people who made this list, the gray slate roof on this home makes it fit naturally into the environment.

Bill Gate’s Xanadu 2.0 Mansion

Bill Gates took a personal interest in every detail of his Xanadu 2.0 mansion. While the home only has seven bedrooms, it has 24.5 bathrooms. More than 500 Douglas fir trees were cut down to build the outside of this home, and even more were used to create the deck and to make elements for inside this home. It took over 100 electricians to put in all the high-tech features of the structure. The gray roof on this home lets it blend beautifully into its surroundings, yet the dome over the library helps to create a romantic flair that took more than six years to construct.

Roofing Elements Like the Rich

There are many beautiful mansions in the world, but almost all of them contain one common factor. Their roofs are designed to blend into the natural environment. If you are thinking of putting a new roof on your own home, consider which roofing material is best for helping it blend into its surroundings. Contact Steele Restoration, your local Charlotte roofing contractor if you want roofing elements like the rich.