Siding installation in Charlotte NC: top roofer discusses pros and cons

Siding installation professionals in Charlotte NC talk about the pros and cons of fiber cement siding 

Siding installation professionals in Charlotte NC note that attaching fiber cement siding to the outside of your home or other building is an attractive and durable option. It masquerades as masonry or wood and can aid your property with weathering the most complex elements of your local environment.

Advantages of fiber cement installation

Makers produce fiber cement installation by merging Portland concrete cement with wood pulp so you may boost the moderateness, toughness, and appearance of your property. Fiber cement siding’s primary advantage is resistance to corrosion, fire, wind, and mold. This means your home’s facade and roof will remain attractive for an extended period.


The siding may be molded into a wide variety of designs because of the fiber cement used to manufacture it. As a result, fiber concrete is your best option if you want the look of wood but need something more durable and environmentally friendly, fiber concrete is your best option.

Inconveniently low-maintenance

Any item or substance that reduces the burden of maintaining a house is a substantial benefit. Once the siding is installed, regular maintenance will include cleaning and checking it once a year

The disadvantage of fiber cement installation

Many siding products are plagued by dampness and wetness. Because the siding does not allow much evaporation, improper assembly or installation might allow water to escape under the sheets, leading to rot and mold development. Here are some cons of fiber cement installation.

  • Installation is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Fiber concrete might be more expensive to install than other materials because of the time and effort. There is a lot of fiber concrete in this structure.
  • It cannot be recycled.

Fiber concrete siding’s components are considered latent from an ecological standpoint; therefore, dumping it in a landfill or another disposal location won’t degrade into anything harmful. Contrary to other siding materials (especially aluminum), fiber cement has no reuse possibility.

When weighing the pros and drawbacks of fiber concrete siding, it is clear that it has much more advantages and covers almost all of your requirements, making it an excellent siding choice for you. You can get professional consultation from Steele Restoration to help you make the best decision on the siding installation you need in Charlotte NC.

Best siding installation expert in Charlotte NC, pros and cons

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