Siding installation done right in Greenville SC

Siding installation won’t be a problem for your house anymore as top roofers in Greenville SC have got you covered. They are here to guide you through the installation process.

Prepare the exterior

Because of the reason that the siding is going to be installed on an existing wall, there can be holes, cracks, dents, and other structural defects. This is exactly what you want to avoid happening, which leads to the first step of installing vinyl siding, which is to make sure that you repair anything damaged on the exterior of your house before beginning the whole process otherwise, it may cause complications.

 Install moisture barrier

Use sheathing plywood as it can provide a soft and smooth surface for the vinyl siding, allowing it to sit properly on the wall without falling off.  It is important to choose the one most suitable for your siding and once you do, place a water vapor barrier.

Install soffit and fascia siding

Soffit is known as the siding, which is installed underneath the overhang of a roof, and a fascia is the exposed board that is placed on the front. It may or may not be the same color as the other siding.

To begin with, during the whole installation process, nail a few J-Channels underneath the fascia. It provides a water-tight seal while hiding the cut edges of the soffit. Now measure and cut the vinyl siding to fit the soffit. Proceed to install the soffit piece into the J channel that was installed earlier.

Install the starter strip

The starter strip is fitted where the siding begins to hook the first row of the siding. Once you have identified your starting point, drive a nail through it and use a chalk line to mark the point around the perimeter of your house. Now, install the starter strip over the chalk line, making sure it is not nailed in too tightly that it restricts the movement of the panel. Also, don’t forget to leave a ¼-inch gap between each strip to allow for expansion, and check to see if the panel is level before proceeding.

Install siding panels

Nail the vinyl pieces to the wall, keeping your nails 16 inches apart and at the center of the provided nailing slots. And as with the J-channel, don’t nail too tightly; leave enough space between the holes and the nail heads to allow for expansion and movement. Overlap panels at the seams by about one inch or as instructed by the manufacturer.

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