Siding installation in Greenville SC: How to prepare the exterior

Siding installation has to be done with precision and accuracy by top roofers who use the perfect materials to suit your Greenville SC home. Here are your options.

Prepare the exterior

Because the siding will be attached to an existing wall, there may be gaps, cracks, dents, and other structural issues. The first step in installing vinyl siding is to ensure that any damage to the exterior of your property has been repaired because this is exactly what you want to avoid. Otherwise, difficulties can result.

Install moisture barrier

Use sheathing plywood to provide the vinyl siding a smooth, pliable surface so it will sit properly on the wall and not fall off. It is critical to decide which option is best for your siding and to install a water vapor barrier after making your choice.

Measure the walls

To determine how many pieces of soffit you will need to use, measure the length of the wall from the bottom edge to the bottom of the wall.

Install starter strip

A starting strip is inserted where the siding begins to hook the first row of the siding. After deciding on your starting point, mark it on the exterior of your home by driving a nail through it. At this time, attach the starting strip over the chalk line. Take care not to nail it in too firmly so that the panel cannot move. Don’t forget to check that the panel is level before continuing and provide a 14-inch space between each strip to allow for growth.

Install flashing and j channels around windows

In order to prevent moisture from entering the interior of your home, install flashing tape on all four sides of windows and doors. All gaps should be caulked. After that, cut J-channel pieces off the roll to fit the size of the area around windows and doors. Then, starting at the bottom and working your way up, install the channels. Lock the pieces with the door and window casing, taking care not to drive the nails too deeply.

Install Siding Panels

When you attach the vinyl pieces to the wall, keep your nails 16 inches apart and in the middle of the designated nailing places. Do not over-nail. Rather, leave space between the holes and the nail heads to allow for expansion and movement. The manufacturer’s recommendations or a one-inch overlap should be used for panel seams.

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