Siding installation in Greenville SC: top roofer uses the best materials

Siding installation is often a part of the construction process that is often neglected and not done properly. It is important that this process is done by experts using the right materials so you don’t run into any issues later on.

Starter strip

Any vinyl siding installation job must begin with the vinyl starter strip as a necessary accessory. Starter Strips, which must be level, are used at the base of each wall in the house. To secure the first level of siding in place, do this.

Carpenter’s square

A carpenter’s square, which is made of flat steel or aluminum, is the best tool for marking a straight edge for cutting. There are probably other tools you could use instead of this, but Carpenter’s Square is the best and most recommended amongst them all. And it is super-efficient and effective. Therefore, it’ll be a great help to you.

Safety Glasses

Safety is everyone’s number one priority. Especially for those who take risks to do their job properly. This is why it is important to have safety glasses along with any other materials to provide complete protection during the installation.

Felt Tip Pen

The measured parts must be marked with a felt tip pen. The felt pen will clearly leave a mark on the vinyl as opposed to a ball tip pen or pencil. And again, it is recommended instead of any other regular pen, etc.

 Mason’s Line Level

Mason’s line level is used to draw straight lines in important constructions just like siding installation. Any other tool could be used to draw significant straight lines but for siding installation, mason’s line level is the most recommended out of them all.

Tin Snips

A tin snip is used to cut the vinyl panel to the required point. A hand saw is also used but you should find one that is suitable for cutting the sidings and is easy to use. Tin Snips offer more control and ease during their usage.


Hammer is a necessity no matter what the construction project is.

Hammers are basically the only tool you can use to break things or to drive in nails. It’s important for its specific role in installing sidings.

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