Siding installation in Greenvillle SC for hassle-free installation

Siding installation for Greenville SC homes can be a real pain without the assistance of top roofers who are skilled in dealing with these types of circumstances. We completely understand how doing some maintenance and installation work on your own may appear to be the ideal option because you’d believe you’d be saving a lot of money. But, in reality, it might be a lot more expensive than you think, since if something goes wrong, you’ll have to pay a lot of money again to repair the sidings. In extreme circumstances, you may have to fully rebuild it and add new sidings, which would absolutely devastate your finances. Let’s take a look at some scenarios we’ve dealt with to explain this a bit better.

Moldy sidings

We were called for a consult to a Greenville SC house that was going to begin renovations. The house was pretty old but just had a new owner who wanted to flip the house and then possibly sell it to make a good profit. One of the things that needed to be replaced was the sidings. They were really old and worn out. They weren’t even doing what they were intended to anymore. We noticed the sidings were moldy and that was probably because the water-resistance layer wasn’t installed properly either. We had to completely change the paneling into something more resistant. After discussing with the owner, we settled upon vinyl as it had a long lifespan and was pretty sturdy to weather and other damages. Vinyl is also pretty customizable in terms of color and design and so it would make it the perfect material for a home that needed to be flipped and sold later on. After we were done with the entire house, the owner had a look at it for the first time and was satisfied with the results.

Bad insulation

We were called for a consult to a Greenville SC house that was facing some heating issues. The couple told us they had the heating company check it out and they believed the issue was the house itself and not the heating system. We were recommended to be called for a consult. We then examined the house to find out that the sidings were really held and weren’t insulating the house properly anymore. We had them replaced with brand new ones which completely eliminated the heating problem.

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