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Siding installation in the Greenville-Spartanburg SC area should be done by professionals. When your home starts looking in need of new siding, it’s time to call the experts. Many homeowners have turned to vinyl siding as a cost-effective and versatile alternative because of its adaptability and low price. After installation, most vinyl siding will need little or no care for a certain amount of time after that. However, after this period has gone, vinyl siding may begin to show signs of wear and tear due to age, weathering, and other reasons. Before having vinyl siding built, familiarize yourself with the significant difficulties that might arise as a result of its exposure to the elements:

Warping and buckling are common

Siding installations like Vinyl siding will expand and compress somewhat due to temperature fluctuations. This movement may cause the siding to distort and buckle if it is not put properly. To account for this, there should be a tiny give when you touch your siding material.


Siding installation needs to be done by a professional. Although most vinyl siding is manufactured with some UV protection, it may begin to fade with time. Areas of the residence that get more direct sunlight than others may become discolored, resulting in an uneven appearance across the whole house. Generally, fading is considered an aesthetic concern; nevertheless, in some instances, it may result in structural difficulties such as cracking.

There are concerns with moisture

The siding installation process should be done with care. Since vinyl siding stretches and contracts, it cannot produce a watertight seal in the same manner as other forms of siding. It is also necessary to create a waterproof barrier below the siding before installing it. If this protective barrier is not installed correctly, moisture may seep into the house, causing rotting inside and outside of the structure, instability, mold development, and other problems.

Although it may seem like vinyl siding has a plethora of potential problems, almost all of these concerns have one thing in common: they are the result of faulty installation. Some issues are unavoidable, but the majority of them may be avoided by performing a thorough and expert installation. Trust Steele Restoration to install vinyl siding on your house; otherwise, you’ll be forced to deal with the repercussions. When it comes to vinyl siding and all of our other house exterior services, Steele Restoration takes excellent satisfaction in having years of experience and skill in the field.

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