Siding installation comes with varieties in Greenville SC

Siding installation has to be done with precision and accuracy by top roofers who use the perfect materials to suit your Greenville SC home. Here are your options.

Steel Tape Measurer

To calculate the quantity of vinyl siding material required to finish the task, a tape measure is required. It is one of the most basic yet necessary requirements. Without it, there could be miscalculations and complications. Therefore, to measure the quantity of vinyl siding material, measure the distance in feet between the eaves and the bottom of the siding on the house’s perimeter. To determine the primary square footage, multiply the perimeter by the height.

Tin Snips

The vinyl panels are simply trimmed to the right length with Tin Snips. Use the snips with the red or green handles, depending on which hand you work better with. Panels can also be cut using a hand saw, but for vinyl siding, tin snips provide more control. Using a utility knife, score vinyl panels horizontally where a full panel is not required, such as beneath a window. Mark the area with a notch. Use the utility knife to make horizontal scores.

Snap Lock Punch

Panels that have been pressed into the utility trim can be given dimples by using a vinyl snap lock punch. The final trim at the top of a wall or below a window will be attached to the finished vinyl siding and skirting with a snap lock punch.


A hammer is used to drive nails into each vinyl siding panel. Drive nails straight in the center of the nail slot and never nail any piece tightly. For the end product to not expand and contract, pieces should move from side to side.

Unlocking Tool

The siding panel can be replaced or removed using the unlocking tool without worrying about harming the siding. By latching the tool’s curved end onto the butt lock’s back lip and sliding it under the panel’s end. Pulling down and gliding the tool along the length of the panel will release the siding from the lock. Exactly the same steps must be taken to relock a panel.

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