Charlotte’s top siding installation experts explain cleaning mold off vinyl siding

Siding installation experts insist on getting rid of mold on your siding for better curb appeal

Charlotte’s top siding installation experts understand the worry that most homeowners can have when they spot mold on the home’s siding. If your home has vinyl siding, you can enjoy it for a few months without having to worry about maintenance. However, as the months and years go by, unpleasant green mold may attach to the surface of your vinyl siding and begin to grow there, causing issues with vinyl siding mold that seem rather challenging to resolve.

The good news is that these stains are easier to remove than indoor mold growth, and you can either opt to handle it yourself or get professionals to do it for you. Mold is disliked by anyone, especially when it is visible on your home. Since mold can damage your property and be dangerous to your health, it’s crucial that you get rid of it as soon as possible. Here’s how you can get rid of mold on your vinyl siding.

Pressure washing

It is better to have a professional do this because employing the wrong pressure washing techniques might dent and deform your vinyl siding by blasting a hole through it. If you choose to pressure wash the siding manually, be sure to use the pressure washer’s largest setting and point it directly upward, not upward at an angle. Avoid forcing water below your siding by moving the nozzle continuously and avoiding concentrating too long on one area to avoid getting even worse headaches.

It works wonderfully to remove that unpleasant mold development when pressurized hot water is combined with a mold-killing substance. Some cleaning supplies contain chemicals that prevent mold from growing by killing it right away. By using a cleaner like that, you can go longer between cleanings of your home siding and prevent the growth of mold.

Other homemade solutions

Elbow grease plus a solution of water and vinegar. Light mold and mildew stains can be removed from vinyl siding by using a mixture of 30% white vinegar and 70% water. A harsher cleaning solution can be required if your mold won’t go away.

Note: We do not recommend using bleach to eradicate mold on your siding since it can hurt the siding material.

Hire Charlotte’s top siding installation experts

Cleaning mold off your vinyl siding can improve its functionality and enhance curb appeal. Work with charlotte’s top siding installation experts for outstanding results.

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