Storm damage roof repair experts in Charlotte NC explains detecting roof damage

Storm damage roof repair experts help you detect roof damage repairs

Storm damage roof repair in Charlotte NC will help you find out any damage to your roof. Although roofs are made to withstand the elements, your home could still sustain damage from wind, hail, or flying objects during a severe storm. However, it is not always simple to see this roof damage.

Homeowners must be able to recognize roof damage so that privacy, security, and comfort may be rapidly restored. Your home may sustain structural damage if unattended. Here’s how you can detect roof damage after a storm.

Detecting hail damage

The roof of your home typically sustains the following damage from hail:

  • Missing Shingles: Check for any voids in the pattern or exposed roof sections. Near your home, you can also notice shingles on the ground.
  • Broken Shingles: Look for curled, buckled, damaged, or broken shingles on your roof.
  • A build-up of loose asphalt particles in gutters and downspouts.
  • Flashing and dented, missing, or dangling downspouts.

 Detecting wind damage

Check your home’s exterior after a strong windstorm for the following:

  • Depending on the style of your roof, damage
  • All Slate Roofs: Shingles that are missing, fractured, or curled
  • Shingle composition: granule accumulation in gutters
  • Wood Shakes or Shingles Rot and mildew
  • Cracks, splits, or surface bubbles/wrinkles on flat roofs

 Detecting water damage

The following are the key locations to look for evidence of floods, leaks, and other storm damage:

  • Gutters: Look for any water accumulation here. Inadequate water rerouting can cause water to pool near to your house, which can lead to mold growth and structural damage.
  • Ceilings: Look for water stains and brown, yellow, or copper stains.
  • Walls: Look for paint or wallpaper that is bubbling, peeling, or cracked.
  • Inspect your crawlspace, basement, and attic for leaks, wood rot, or mold. Within the first 24 to 48 hours following a storm, this may manifest as a musty odor.

Note: Make sure the storm has gone and it is safe to go outside before checking the exterior of your home for damage. Avoid the area if you detect downed power lines, electrical dangers, or water.

Work with the best storm damage roof repair services in Charlotte NC

Storms can damage your roof, affecting its ability to protect your family at home. Working with the best storm damage roof repair services in Charlotte NC can help guarantee great results.

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