Charlotte’s best storm damage roof repair expert explains some roof safety basics

Storm damage roof repair help you and your household stay safe after a storm

Charlotte’s best storm damage roof repair expert recommends seeking professional help after storms damage your roof. While experts can assist with emergency repairs, they can sometimes be delayed due to other commitments. You can try temporary fixes to keep your family safe in the meantime, but fixing a roof comes with its challenges. Here are some roof safety basics you should adhere to.

General roof safety concerns

Before you climb onto the roof, you must first follow the correct safety precautions for roofing. Keep an eye out for any potentially hazardous spots on your property, such as electrical lines and unsecured roof access points. Make sure to do the following once you’re on the roof:

  • Make sure your workspace is tidy, organized, and away from kids and dogs.
  • Never attempt to work on a wet or slick roof.
  • It’s best not to work on your roof when it’s excessively hot or cold outside. Extreme temperatures can damage shingles, preventing them from properly sealing or laying.
  • For the best traction, put on soft-soled shoes.
  • Utilize the fall prevention tools you have at your disposal, such as a harness and ropes with a roof anchor into the roof structure. Additionally, toe boards and brackets that you may walk on are excellent roofing safety measures.

Electrical safety

Safe roof practices extend beyond the roof itself. Call your utility company before you begin working if you are unable to avoid electricity wires.

  • Use a fiberglass or wood ladder whenever possible, and use additional caution while utilizing metal flashing. Keep in mind that electricity has the ability to “arc” or jump to a metal item several feet away.
  • Never put your hands or any other objects near hot wires.

Ladder safety

You must discover a way onto the roof in order to make repairs. For the most part, ladders are the obvious solution. The CDC reports that falls are the most common unintentional injury source in the country. In fact, a ladder is involved in 43% of fatal falls for workers.

When doing DIY projects at home, homeowners need to be mindful of this. Ladder safety is a very significant matter. Here are some pointers for using ladders safely:

  • Always be sure the ground beneath your ladder is level.
  • To safely access your roof, use a ladder that is the right size; a ladder that is too short is hazardous.
  • Your ladder will be secure thanks to a roof ladder hook.
  • Observe the 4-to-1 ladder principle.

Work with Charlotte’s best storm damage roof repair expert

Staying safe while handling DIY repairs is highly recommended. You should work with Charlotte’s best storm damage roof repair expert if you have any concerns about the project.

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