Storm damage roof repair: The Greenville SC contractors

Storm damage roof repair company knows how important it is to fix your Greenville SC roofs as soon as possible. It can cause long-term damage if not fixed in time.

Roof damaged by storms:

Some ways your roof can be damaged by storms are as follows:

  • Missing shingles

Strong winds can blow asphalt shingles off your roof, leaving some areas exposed to leaks and unprotected. Take prompt action to resolve this issue in order to prevent more, more severe water damage. Be aware that some homeowners choose to replace the entire roofing system when there are sizable missing shingle patches. They might improve their home’s weather protection and keep its curb appeal by doing this.

  • Leaks

During a storm, debris may hit your roof, causing holes to form and possible shingle damage. The interior could then drip with water as it seeps through the cracks. Leaks may affect your home’s temperature and comfort level. No matter how small the leaks may be, call a roofer straight away to fix your roof.

  • Damaged gutters

Because they are so close to your roof, gutters are also susceptible to storm damage. Request that a roofer inspects your gutters while working on your roof to fix any damage.

  • Loss Of granules

Shingle particles reflect the sun’s heat to help keep inside temperatures at a comfortable level. Granule loss is another common roofing problem during storms.

  • Hail damage

Following a storm, wind damage is more noticeable than hail damage. To assess the extent of the damage, you could instead look for cracked shingles, dented shingles from harsh impacts, broken roof vents, and exterior pipes. Depending on the materials and building technique used, each roof reacts to hail differently. For example, rubber roofs are remarkably impact resistant and can withstand hail damage.

Importance of storm damage roof repair

The lifespan of the roof will be reduced due to diminished durability. The expected service life of asphalt shingles, rubber roofs, and other materials will be reduced by around 30 to 50% without major repairs, potentially subtracting 5 to 10 years from each item’s lifespan. Because of this, you should examine the damage to your roof following a storm and make any necessary repairs.

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