Storm damage roof repair: Make your Greenville SC house brand new

Storm damage roof repair in Greenville SC is much needed after you face a huge storm with high winds. Top roofers will fix up your house and make it seem just brand new.

Missing shingles

High winds can blow away your shingles which areas on your roof be insecure and unprotected. Here are the steps to take for replacing missing or damaged shingles. If only a small certain portion of the shingle is damaged, gently lift it up and apply asphalt roofing cement under it. If the entire shingle needs to be fixed or replaced, use a flat bar to separate the damaged shingle from the rest of them, remove the nails there, and slide out the damaged shingle and slide in the new one. Proceed to nail it down and seal the space around it. Lastly, glue down the shingle from the bottom of it. Bear in mind, that if the damaged shingle does not come off, stop using pressure to get it out. Instead, call a professional as you might cause damage to your whole roof by trying to pull it off using pressure. 

Damaged or clogged gutters

Damaged or clogged gutters are also a major type of damage caused by storms. Gutters are actually adjacent to your roof which is what makes them more prone to damage. Clogged gutters are also the lifeline of your house. Clogged gutters can cause water or any kind of insect to enter through cracks in your roof. To fix this situation, you can either call a professional or do it yourself. Just keep scooping the debris until your gutter is unclogged and your roof is safe.


Well, there are too many ways you can get a roof leak. But very simple solutions.  On each metal roofing, the major weak point of the roof is at each of the fasteners which are screwed in place to hold them down. Fasteners are added at the upper portion of the folds of the roof to keep them away from sections where water would flow and pool. If they begin to come up or stop holding tight, it may allow water to come inside. In case there is a roof leak at a skylight or window on the roof, you might want to get that fixed before it causes greater problems for you. Secure the skylight enough to make sure that water may not come through from around it.

Locate storm damage roof repair roofers in the Greenville SC area

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