Storm damage roof repair service in Charlotte NC offers a roof damage checklist

Storm damage roof repair make sure your roof is in the best condition after a storm

Storm damage roof repair service in Charlotte NC takes care of any problems after a storm. Checking for damage should be systematic, so the experts make sure that all areas are covered.

To manage the whole project in the best way, our experts use a storm damage checklist. This determines whether you need an entirely new roof or only parts of it repaired or rebuilt. The checklist also helps experts know the type of damage your roof has experienced.

This article offers a roof damage checklist you can use after a storm.

An inspection of the roof should be scheduled and carried out. Safety comes first, so find a safe area for your family first before checking for the signs of damage. To schedule an inspection and receive assistance with damage assessment, contact a reputable, experienced roofing contractor. Many contractors provide free inspections and will know where to search for roof problems in a safe manner.

Roof: Examine your roof visually by walking around the perimeter of your home and noting any evident storm damage. You might also have a good view of parts of your roof from one of your windows.  Keep a list of notes and/or take pictures — this can potentially be helpful later for insurance purposes. Any visible signs of storm damage should be documented, such as dented, torn, curled, or missing shingles.

Leaks and water spots in the attic and ceilings

While the exterior of your home’s roof may appear to be unharmed, wind and hail can cause hidden leaks that might lead to worse problems later. Water leaks and spots should be checked in your ceilings, light fixtures, and attic.

Gutters, windows, and vents

Examine your gutters and roofing accessories, such as gable vents and other overhangs, for dents. Cracks, broken glass, loose weather-stripping, and damaged screens should all be checked.

Outdoor areas

Look for fallen tree branches, missing fence posts, or damage to lawn furniture and other decorations as you go around the outside of your house. You can evaluate the amount of hail damage on flat surfaces like patios and decks.

Get the best storm damage roof repair service in Charlotte NC

Dealing with all issues after a storm leaves your roof safe enough for your household. Find the best storm damage roof repair service in Charlotte NC, for the best results.

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