Top affordable roofing in Charlotte NC advises how to clean your roof

Top affordable roofing and why you should clean your roof

Top affordable roofing experts understand that chances are you are looking for tips to clean your roof, maybe because the shingles aren’t looking as attractive and new as they used to. You may think that there has been a development of mold on the surfaces of your shingles if the roof looks discolored and dark in some areas. However, these black streaks that you are seeing are colonies of blue-green algae. Your roof will have a moss problem if you notice a thick, green patch on the roof.

You may also notice other roofs in your neighborhood that have the same problems with their roofs, this is because the spores from algae and moss can be carried by animals or blown by the wind from rooftop to rooftop. Your roof shingles can curl up and be blown off because of the impact caused by moss on the performance of your roof’s shingles, this can eventually cause leaks. Algae, on the other hand, won’t cause any harm to your roof, but it will impact the way your roof looks.

It is also a good idea to understand how often you should clean your roof because frequently climbing your roof to clean any growth can damage the roof and shorten the lifespan by loosening the granules in the shingles, so you should be sure not to do it too often.

What is involved in cleaning a roof?

The focus will be to remove and kill the growth of moss or algae during the roof cleaning. The same kind of chlorine bleach that is used to scrub your sink or whiten your laundry is good enough to kill off algae and moss spores. To clean your roof, we recommend a 1:1 ratio of water to bleach. Also do not use a pressure washer on the shingles since the force of water can cause damage.

You can rinse away the bleach solution with clean water after you allow it to sit on the surface of your roof for up to 20 minutes. Any remaining algae on the roof can be easily washed off by any rain showers. A leaf blower can be used to remove any pieces of moss that may be leftover.

Should you hire someone?

This all depends on you. Maybe you don’t have the time or maybe you can’t get up on the roof anymore to clean it.  A professional cleaning service will be your next best choice if you’re facing any kind of problems.

Be sure to always pick someone reliable, reputable, and experienced. If you don’t know where to look you can always ask friends and family if they have someone that they would recommend.

Top affordable roofing in Charlotte NC

Top affordable roofing in Charlotte NC recommends that you always check with your manufacturer to find out how to clean your roof no matter what material is used to make your roof.

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