Top residential roofing contractors in Greenville SC and Charlotte recommend metal roofs

Top residential roofing contractors recommend metal roofing

The top residential roofing contractors in Greenville SC and Charlotte NC areas recommend metal roofs because they offer several advantages, such as a longer life cycle than other roofing materials like cedar and asphalt. A metal roof can withstand outdoor elements, including heavy rain, hail, and high winds. They have also been credited for keeping homes safe during brush and forest fires. In many areas, homeowner insurance companies offer up to a 30% reduction in their insurance after installing a metal roof.

Metal roofs are available in three different styles: panel roofing, standing-seam roofing, and lookalikes, including cedar, tiles, or slate. A standing-seam metal roof has large ribs, which need to be crimped or soldered to connect them. Panel roofing looks like standing-seam roofing but, they need to be screwed down. Metal roofing installations require special training except for screw-down panels.

Advantages of a metal roof

There are various benefits to having a metal roof on your home, including durability. These roofs can typically last two to three times longer than asphalt or wood shingles.

Some other perks to metal roofs are:

No or low maintenance: When appropriately installed, a metal roof will not rust, fade, rot, or crack.

Saves energy: A metal roof that is covered in a reflective, cool coating or painted can reflect solar energy and lower your air conditioning bills. Metal roofs can save approximately 25% in energy bills compared to a roof made with dark asphalt shingles.

Versatile: You can reduce shingle waste with a metal roof since it can be installed over your current roof. On average, metal roofs are also 50% lighter than roofs made with asphalt shingles and 75% lighter than slate or concrete tile; this means that there are generally no issues as to whether a structure can maintain the weight of the material.

Environmentally friendly: A new metal roof will typically be made of more than 50% of recycled content, and discarded metal roofing is 100% recyclable, including the fasteners. If you are environmentally mindful, you will be happy to know that when the time comes to replace the roof, only a small fraction of the old unit will end up in a landfill.

Top residential roofing contractors in Greenville SC and Charlotte NC

The top residential roofing contractors will recommend a metal roof depending on how long you plan to live in your current home. Because of its durability and cost, you should choose a metal roof if you are planning to stay in your home for a prolonged amount of time.

If you are curious as to whether or not a metal roof will increase the value of your home, you should speak with a roofing professional. They can advise you about the current material of your roof and its condition, as well as offer insights as to any impact a new metal roof, will have on your home’s value.

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