Why Mixing Vinyl Siding With Brick Accents Makes Sense

Would you consider mixing vinyl siding with brick accents? Read more to decide. If you are considering vinyl siding for the exterior of your home, you might be wondering if mixing vinyl siding with brick accents is a good idea. Or, if you already have a vinyl-sided home, you might wonder if you can add brick accents.

The Advantages of Vinyl Siding

There are several advantages to installing vinyl siding on your home. These include:

  • Retains lasting color — no repainting or refinishing needed
  • Long-lasting/durable
  • Enormous variety of colors, accessories, styles, and trims
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Ease of installation
  • Usually comes with fantastic warranties
  • Elevates curb appeal
  • Excellent investment


The Beauty of Brick Accents

Brick homes are often preferred by consumers due to their stately curb appeal, energy efficiency, fire-resistance, strength, and durability. But all that comes with a hefty price tag, especially when compared to vinyl siding.

As an alternative, if you are building a new home, you can incorporate brick accents using either masonry brick or brick veneers right from the start. But once a home has been built, brick veneers are the way to go.

A brick veneer is a surface with thin, lightweight bricks applied. These look like traditional bricks. However, make sure you get exterior veneers for your job, as veneers are also made for interior applications as well. Exterior brink veneers also require different installation techniques from interior veneers.

Exterior brick veneer is not installed on top of the existing siding but as a free-standing wall anchored to the house. The veneers are laid from the ground up and supported by their weight.

Benefits of Brick Veneers Versus Traditional Brick

  • Price
  • Simpler installation
  • Easier to insulate
  • More weather resistant

The versatility of Design of Vinyl Siding

With more than 300 colors of vinyl siding available on the market, many available in multiple styles, the possibilities are endless even before adding brick accents to your property.

A brick accent wall will further enhance the curb appeal of your home. One reason for this is visual diversity. Even using a style of siding such as a batten board, your house is still just one color. This can be visually boring, especially in a multistory home. By adding brick accents, you create visual diversity, something that can break up large swatches of color on the exterior of your home. There are many ways to incorporate a brick accent wall on your property, and your siding professional can assist you in making your decision.


Another alternative is to consult a real estate professional. They are often the best equipped to tell you how to enhance the curb appeal of your home by adding brick accents. They are generally well versed in real estate aesthetics, and they know what sells in your neighborhood.  Brick veneers may be the perfect choice if you are looking for a stylish, economical way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you are considering mixing vinyl siding with brick accents or would like to discuss options, contact Steele Restoration, your local Charlotte roofing contractor for more information today!