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Steele Restoration provides top-quality commercial and residential roofing, siding, gutters, and storm restoration services since 2017.

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Re-siding with fiber cement is a smart investment on your home…

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We install Copper and/or Seamless Metal Gutters w/ Downspouts and

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Are you in need of a new roof or roof maintenance? Do you believe that your building needs restoration services? Steele Restoration specializes in a wide variety of roofing services, which includes residential and commercial roofing. Our roofing contractors are trained to provide excellent services at a competitive price, and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our roofing services. We have nearly a decade of experience in building high-quality roofs for a wide range of clients. If you have yet to choose a roofing service, here are a couple of questions that you need to consider.

How long do roofs usually last?

Before you partner with a roofing contractor, it is important to understand the typical lifespan for roofs in your particular location. The lifespan of a roof depends on the type and can range anywhere from twenty to fifty years. For example, a slate or metal roof can last up to fifty years, while asphalt shingles last around twenty-five years. Climate and weather conditions also play a major role in determining the lifespan of a roof. Extensive amounts of snow or hail damage can shorten the usual lifespan, and it is essential to choose a roof style that can handle the weather conditions in your location.

How do you select a quality roofer?

Once you decide on the style of roof, it is critical to choose a quality roofer that can provide exceptional services and high-quality workmanship. Steele Restoration is a fully licensed Roofing Contractor that focuses on delivering the ultimate customer service. Steele Restoration offers many different roofing styles, which include asphalt shingles, metal, cedar, slate, and flat roof systems. Whether you need any residential or commercial roofing services, we believe that we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Choosing to use a roofing service is a big decision, and it is our duty to provide you with high-quality work at an affordable price. If you wish to find out more information regarding our roofing services, feel free to contact us at any time.
Charlotte, NC:  704-577-9334
Greenville, SC:  864-993-9644
Boone, NC:  828-933-8692


Greg, Chad, Chino, and Joanne,

Thank you very much for the many consultations and discussions resulting in the recently completed gutter work! The gutter and downspout reconfiguration got us through 4.5″ of continuous rain during Ian without flooding the grill deck, patio, and patio doors on the grill deck. This is a huge big deal to us and protects the investment we’ve made in Anderson windows and patio doors. Today’s additional work should also make us more cloudburst secure for future storms.

I’ve only worked with three roofing and gutter companies, but you all are the best in our experience, with a very wide gap between your team and the #2. Our copper-hungry neighbors are happy too. You’re investing in our futures by protecting and beautifying Conservatory house by house! Thank you all again!


Dick and Edith, Dick Szafranski

Your Trusted Commercial and Residential Roofing Company
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