Need storm restoration after damage from a storm in Charlotte, Boone, or Greenville, SC areas? Mother Nature is the most unpredictable factor when it comes to the durability of your home. At a moment’s notice, the weather can change and produce storms that can cause extensive damage to the roof. After all, your roof is the part of the home that is going to take the brunt of the impact from wind, water, and hail.

If you are impacted by a storm, you will likely need to have roof restoration done to repair any holes, missing shingles and other storm damage.

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As soon as the storm has passed and you can safely assess the damage to your roof, it’s important to document all of the damage with photos and call your insurance company. You must completely document the entire scope of the damage and include all of the paperwork and information you need to submit your claim.

Most insurance policies will cover damage as a result of hail, but it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of your policy. Not all policies are the same, and the limitations can vary greatly. Always discuss the policy in detail with your insurance agent before making a purchase. Being an informed homeowner is the best way to help you prepare for potential damage and the need to submit a claim for repairs.

Once you are instructed to do so, contact a qualified roofing contractor such as Steele Restoration to schedule a consultation and get an estimate for the repairs. Our roof repair professionals will discuss the damage and do a brief inspection of your roof.

In some cases, extreme damage may warrant an entirely new roof. If this is the case, your roofing contractor will discuss why a replacement is the best approach and will give you an estimate. Keep in mind that the estimate can change once the work is underway if the roofing contractor encounters further damage that wasn’t visible initially.

Top 10 FAQ Questions on Roofing Insurance Claims

A roof replacement after hail or wind damage is an expensive undertaking. To help relieve costs,homeowners should rely on their insurance company to help cover all or part of the expense.

This can be a complex and lengthy process, but Steele Restoration has a specialist on our team who will work with homeowners during every step and streamline the process.

Below is a list of common questions that homeowners may have after experiencing roof damage for the first time.

What signs of roof damage should a homeowner look for after a storm?

Storm damage varies based on severity of the wind or hailstorm that passed through your neighborhood. It can be as obvious as missing shingles or it may be something more subtle such as hail marks that are not visible from the ground. Evidence of wind damage is the easiest to spot. You may notice that your shingles are “lifting”, “folding-up”, or are missing completely. When a project manager comes to inspect your roof, they will be looking for shingles that have been creased from being lifted by wind or missing granules caused by hail.

If a homeowner suspects damage, who should they contact first?

A homeowner should call a reputable roofing contractor first. Be sure to do your research by
looking into company reviews and select someone who has a good reputation in the community. A project manager will make an appointment to visit your home and mark up the areas on the roof that are caused by storm damage

Who is responsible for stopping the leak, if I have one?

It is the homeowners responsibility for stopping the leak. If you have active water coming into your house through a roof leak, you should call a contractor to do an emergency tarping of the roof to prevent further damage.

Who will call in the claim?

The homeowner is responsible for calling in the claim, however, we can assist in filing your claim and answer any questions that insurance may ask. We also will provide all documentation needed for the report.

Will Steele Restoration be there while the insurance adjuster is inspecting the roof?

Yes! We will coordinate with your insurance adjuster to be at your home. We will meet them there to walk the roof with the adjuster and show the areas of storm damage.

Will my insurance rates increase if I file a claim?

No, your insurance rates should not increase if you file a claim due to weather related damage. However, an insurance company can raise the rates of an entire neighborhood that has been affected by storm damage.

How does the payment process work?

There are two major types of residential insurance policies: Actual Cash Value (ACV) and Replacement Cost (RC).
Actual Cash Value: 

With the ACV policy, your roof’s value depreciates each year for the life of the shingle and you will only receive a check for the depreciated value of your roof.

With the RC policy, your insurance will cover the cost of roof replacement minus your deductible.
This policy is paid out in two installments. The first check is sent to the policy holder by the insurance company after insurance adjuster has completed their roof damage assessment. The second check is held until the repairs to your roof are completed. It is sent to the homeowner when the insurance company receives a final invoice for payment from your roofing contractor. 

Do you need to get more than one estimate?

No, you do not need to get more than one estimate. As the homeowner you can choose the  contractor you want to do the repairs. Your insurance company may suggest to get more than one estimate, however, if you get multiple estimates your insurance company will most likely go with the cheapest estimate and not the best quality option.

What if the insurance company denied the claim?

If your insurance company denies the claim, don’t despair! We will continue to work with your insurance to get a second inspection or utilize other resources if necessary.

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