Steele Restoration offers siding installation and replacement services.  New siding can make an older house look new again, or just provide a low-maintenance style upgrade! Whatever the reason you’re looking for a contractor who installs siding -you’ve come to the right place — Steele Restoration for your siding installation and replacement services. We have local services in these areas: 
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Greenville, SC: 864-993-9644
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Working With Us

Do You Need New Siding?

A quick visible inspection of the siding will reveal any signs of damage that may indicate the need to replace and need to contact us for our siding installation and replacement services. Of course, it is best to get a professional opinion to determine the best way to handle the trouble. Dents, cracks, blistering, warping, and holes in the siding are all signs that indicate the need to call a professional for a siding inspection.

If your home has heat spots or areas that are uncomfortable temperature-wise, that can also be a sign that you need to have your siding replaced. Increasing heating or cooling bills (without other causes of trouble) may also signal the need to install new siding on your home.

Which Type of Siding Is Right for Your Home?

Several siding materials are available for homeowners to choose from. Aluminum, engineered wood, and vinyl are among the most popular siding options, each delivering its own appeal, features, price point, longevity, and durability. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that are important to consider before installation.

Vinyl siding is the most commonly used type of siding on homes in the US. today, although it isn’t as popular as it was at one time. Although it is versatile, it tends to warp in a warm climate and easily fades with element exposure. Vinyl is affordable, however, and that is why it’s such a popular choice for so many. Many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their vinyl siding products. The material is easy to clean (most people power wash their siding to remove dirt, grime, and debris) and is considered eco-friendly. Insulated vinyl is also available for homeowners who want an added layer of comfort and protection.

Fiber Cement Siding is another option for homeowners to choose from. This siding is mixed with cement and sand and is thicker than the vinyl so it lasts longer and sustains fewer damages. It better withstands harsh weather (including hail, rain, and strong winds) and doesn’t expand the same way that vinyl matter will expand. It also requires less maintenance than vinyl siding and is not susceptible to termites or water damage. The siding is composed of at least 10% recycled materials.

Best of all, fiber cement siding such as the James Hardie siding we install looks authentic enough to be used on historic homes. It is built to last, just like those sturdy older houses, but its good looks and versatility also make it the perfect choice for newer homes with a more contemporary style.

Finally, there’s engineered wood siding — one of the newest options for homeowners. Manufactured by combining wood shavings, sawdust, and other wood byproducts, engineered wood siding has the look of real wood but is considerably stronger and can be painted to meet the exact needs of each homeowner. It also lasts longer than traditional wood siding. Wood siding requires maintenance once every 5 – 10 years, providing an average 50-year life expectancy. We can install high-quality engineered wood siding by LP SmartSide for your home in Charlotte, Boone or Greenville,SC.

When it is time to replace the siding on your home, don’t put it off! Once you replace the siding on your home, you’ll enjoy better insulation and lower energy bills. Contact us today, your local contractor for siding and installation services. We offer a free estimate.

Charlotte, NC: 704-577-9334
Greenville, SC: 864-993-9644
Boone, NC: 828-933-8692



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